How a Pontiac Bail Bonds Company Can Work With You

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If you have been arrested, arraigned and had your bail set by a judge, this is the time for you to contact a reputable, experienced bail bond agent. You will need to mount a defense to the charges against you and it is not practical to try to do that from inside a jail cell, so you want help and you want it quickly. A Pontiac Bail Bonds company will be available to you no matter what the hour and they will begin the process of getting you released as soon as possible.

If you have never had to go through this process before, it is designed to be as quick and easy as possible. You are under a great deal of stress at this time and the faster you are free, the faster you can get legal representation and start your defense. The first step is a meeting with your bail bond agent where he will look at your situation and gather personal information regarding any previous arrests and some basic background information. Be assured that none of this information will be shared with a third party without consulting you first. Once this step is done, you simply arrange to pay a percentage of the bond fee or premium. In some instances the travel expenses of the bail bond agent may also need to be paid. At this point the agent will take care of the bail amount and you will be released with a promise to show up for all legally required court appearances. And please keep in mind that if collateral is used to pay the premium, it will not be released until a verdict has been reached.

If you are just trying to help a friend or loved one with bail, the process is similar, but you will become a cosigner on the bail agreement and you will then be responsible for assuring that the individual will show up in court. You will also be the one paying the percentage of the bond fee in this case.

EZ 1 Bail Bonds can provide reliable 24-hour service in order to secure your release and they can do it in a courteous and professional way. They may also be able to work with you to come up with a mutually-acceptable payment plan that is as easy on you and your loved ones as possible. Like us on Facebook.

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