How Behavioral Health Care Providers Benefit from Behavioral Health EHRs

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) provide an essential tool for making patient care up to date with the modern technology of the 21st century. An EHR replaces the need for a paper chart for patients. Although every type of medical facility can benefit from the ability to update a patient’s chart instantly, behavioral health EHRs provide three important key benefits.

Reduces Communication Problems Between Teams

A patient with behavioral health concerns will frequently see a number of different health providers. Some of them will provide behavioral health services, while others will provide physical therapy, cardiac services or pharmacological services. When behavioral health providers use paper charts, it is easy for communication between different types of providers to get lost or communicated slowly. By using behavioral health EHRs, providers are able to keep updated on communication between different providers.

Addresses Unique Technological Needs

Behavioral health providers and other medical providers do not always have the same IT needs. By utilizing an EHR that is designed to cater towards behavioral health, providers are able to make sure their technology accurately addresses the differences in Medicare, Medicaid and privacy laws.

Identifying Specific Ways Behavioral Health Benefits from EHRs

Behavioral health providers are able to use EHRs in order to more quickly identify candidates who are looking to abuse the system in order to gain access to prescription drugs. Providers are also able to better identify patient consent or lack thereof by using EHR. An EHR can also provide a good overview of the quality of clinical behavioral health standards the patient is receiving.

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