How Complicated Is Wireless Printer Configuration?

There have been considerable advances in home and business printing technology over the past few years. Often, people will become confused or frustrated when setting up their new printer to work in a wireless capacity. Almost all new printers have this capability and it is a fantastic one to have, but the process of setting one up to print with not only your computer, but smartphone as well, can be rather daunting. Thankfully, there are great support services available online that can walk you through the process. Here is some information on just how complicated wireless printer configuration can be.

First Things First

The only really easy part of any wireless printer configuration is taking it out of the box. Once this is done, it begins to get a little dicey. Though it is not extremely complicated for some, those who are not computer savvy will want to take their time and perhaps get a little help. When the printer comes out of the box, you will want to make sure that all of the parts are there. You can usually consult the owner’s manual to find what should be there. Sometimes situations arise where an essential part is missing, and you will want to recognize this before moving forward.


After you get all of the parts in order, and see that they are all there, follow the steps in the instructions very carefully. These instructions are usually pretty standard and involve plugging the printer in, connecting the ink cartridges, and installing the software on your computer. Again, depending on your level of computer and printer expertise, this can either go rather smoothly, or not so much. Many people think that they just have to plug printers in, and they will magically be connected to their computers. This is certainly not true. You need to make sure the printer is connected to your Internet provider, which usually involves entering that information into the printer.

Smartphone Connection

Most new printers have the capability to be connected to your smartphone for fast and convenient printing. This is where things can get really complicated, as some printers will only work with certain types of phones and it is usually necessary to install an extra application on your phone. The instructions that came with your printer will usually not go into great detail about how this process is done, either.

If this is the case with your printer, you may want to look at using one of the many great technical support sites available online. These professionals will walk you through the process and make sure everything is working. Setting up a wireless printer can certainly be a hassle, but there’s great help available if you happen to run into any problems.

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