How Naples, FL Residents Can Say Goodbye to Hyperpigmentation

How Naples, FL Residents Can Say Goodbye to Hyperpigmentation

When a person is dealing with hyperpigmentation, they will see dark patches on their skin. These patches appear because their skin is producing too much melanin. This could be a result of hormone fluctuations, sun damage, or acne scars.

When it comes to hyperpigmentation therapy in Naples, FL, there are a lot of options that have proven helpful to individuals who would like to get rid of this problem. One option is to use lightening creams. These are over-the-counter products that will decrease pigmentation in the skin. Prescription strength lightening creams are also a possibility. This option is usually best for individuals who have flat dark spots on their skin, like age spots.

Another option for hyperpigmentation therapy in Naples, FL, is chemical peels. The goal of a chemical peel is to exfoliate the skin. As new cells emerge, they will take the place of old cells. If a person uses this treatment several times, they will likely notice that their skin tone will even out. This is a good option for individuals who have fair skin and are only experiencing mild hyperpigmentation.

A laser peel is an intense treatment that will target the dermis in the skin and promote the growth of collagen. It will destroy elements in the skin with the goal of encouraging the skin to produce new cells that are more toned. Dermatologists will work closely with their patients when performing a laser peel in order to get the best results with evening out a person’s skin tone.

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