How To Add Rhinestone Heat Transfers To Make Fancy Clothes

If you look around in almost any clothing store you will see that rhinestones are everywhere you look. The fashion designers are using them to dress up even the most basic t-shirt because they are in style and make even the simplest clothes look fancy. The problem with purchasing your shirt already made up this way is not only do you pay more for it, but it is not going to be original. Rhinestone heat transfers give you the ability to buy a plain t-shirt and decorate it up exactly the way you want for a fairly cheap price. The bonus of this DIY project is that there will be much less of a chance of others having the same shirt as you.

Purchasing rhinestone heat transfers is fairly simple, as they can usually be found in craft stores or even online stores that specialize in them. The best part about finding rhinestone heat transfers for sale online is you might have the option of customizing your own text or design.

Once you have the rhinestone heat transfer you have chosen, they are easy to adhere to your item of choice. With a few simple tips you will have a transformed handcrafted glamorous t-shirt in a matter of minutes. If this is your first time applying rhinestone heat transfers it might be a good idea to start small with your project. The most important tip to remember is to never move around your iron on the transfer. If you wiggle your iron on these stones the chances of the stones not sticking properly or smearing glue on your fabric are increased greatly and can ruin the entire piece and the rhinestones too.

You will start the process by putting your iron on the hottest setting safe for your fabric you are using without steam, and while you are waiting for the iron to heat up figure out the placement for your design on your fabric. Next you will want to pull the paper very slowly from the rhinestone heat transfer. Then you will place the transfer facing down onto your garment being careful not to move it around so you do not interfere with the design, and then cover it with a pillowcase or similar piece of fabric. You will want to press the iron on the cloth being very careful not to slide the iron because many rhinestone transfers will shift and be ruined. Once finished let it cool about 20 minutes before removing the backing.

Using rhinestone heat transfers are a cheap alternative for having fancy clothes. Get in touch with Dakota Collectibles they provide great rhinestones.

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