How to choose Fish Hooks Malaysia

How to choose Fish Hooks Malaysia

When it comes to Fish Hooks Malaysia, Seahawk Fishing provides a range of options, suitable for a number of different angler’s needs. Here is some advice to help you choose the right fish hooks to suit you.

Size matters

When ordering, you need to know the right size, #8 being the smallest and 5/0 being the largest. For example, if you want to fish for a sturgeon, a 6/0 hook is ideal. In simple terms, if you are trying to catch bigger fish, you will need a bigger hook to catch them.

Different types

A baitholder hook is a good one for beginners as it is quite versatile and can be appropriate for a few different types of fishing. This can be especially useful because they have two barbs that stop bait slipping off the hook.

A beak hook (otherwise known as an octopus hook) is stronger and is often used for saltwater fishing. There are also Chinu hooks that have been specifically created in order to catch Chinu, a Japanese species of bream that are a notoriously hard fighting species and therefore need a hook that can match their level of fight.

We are here to help

We understand that it can be overwhelming when choosing from the range of Fish Hooks Malaysia available. Seahawk Fishing are here to help and to find out more we recommend getting in contact with us so we can find the ideal hooks to suit your needs.

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