How to Choose the Right Type of Paving Stone for Your Driveway?

How to Choose the Right Type of Paving Stone for Your Driveway?

Do you want to revamp your driveway and expand its stretch? With stone paving done properly, it’s possible to extend the length and breadth of your driveway or walkway and even change the look of your yard completely! But, for that you’ll need professional expertise! Choosing the right material for the project is equally important. With average quality paving stones it’s not possible to get the desired result.

It is natural to be excited while re-shaping your driveway or re-modeling your front or back yard landscaping with paving materials. However, it’s crucial to select the best stone pavers before commencement of the project. Today, paving stones are high in demand. These are available in different forms – from geometric patterns to asymmetric shapes – you’ll come across various types of stone pavers. You might get confused with so many different types of paving materials available. Hence, make your selection after proper evaluation of the product and its usability.

Here are some points to consider before selecting the right type of paving stone for your driveway.

* Before you decide to buy stones for paving your driveway, always consider your budget. With a fixed budget you can ask for quotes from different contractors. You can always find different varieties within your budget provided you ask for quotes from an experienced contractor, who can offer you the best suggestion and refer products to suit your needs.

* Consider the extent of traffic in the paving area. ‘Traffic’ would include both cars driving as well as people walking. If the driveway is located in an area that experience heavy traffic load, then it is advisable not to use gravel or sand as the binding material for keeping the paving stones in position. Instead you should opt for asphalt or concrete, although this isn’t the prettiest option!

* The color of the paving stones must be taken into consideration. You would definitely want colored paving materials that would match perfectly with the surrounding environment. For example, if there’s a lot of greenery around the area to be paved, it is advisable to use earthy or brick colored stones.

* Choosing the right pattern of paving material is also crucial. Especially, if you’re paving walkways inside your landscaped yard, you need to decide on the shape of the stones. With different types of materials to choose from, it is highly recommended that you opt for an experienced contractor for perfect selection.

While choosing the right type of paving stones, Cranberry Township residents should get in touch with Lockcrete Bauer, a trusted name among paving and retaining wall material manufacturers. What is more, they offer installation seminars, specialized tools, and structural evaluations for their customers through their network of authorized dealers.


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