How to Take Your Urgent Care Unit Into the Cloud and Why You Should

How to Take Your Urgent Care Unit Into the Cloud and Why You Should

Hospitals can be busy and overwhelming places. They’re hubs of activity, with patients rushing from unit to unit, check-ins and check-outs happening every minute, and doctors, nurses and administrators scrambling to keep up with the madness. In this hectic environment, things can often slip through the cracks — it can be nearly impossible for traditional systems to track and adequately support urgent care unit functions like revenue cycle management, electronic medical records storage and patient management procedures.

That’s why it’s so crucial to take your urgent care EMR unit into the cloud by implementing our software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution. Combining the many tasks of a busy emergency department into one piece of software allows for the unit to be run much more efficiently, with patients tracked and engaged from the moment they enter the facility to the moment they leave.

Even within the hospital world, emergency departments and urgent care facilities have unique patient flows, and our software solutions recognizes and helps users adapt to that on-the-ground reality. Keeping everyone on the same page means keeping everyone happy. Doctors can better manage their patient loads by consulting clinical documentation and e-prescribing tools, providers benefit from faster, more accurate billing procedures, and patients feel like full partners in the healthcare process.

The best part about this solution, other than its myriad benefits for everyone involved in the system, is that the implementation period can be measured in days, not weeks or months. Urgent care EMR units can’t afford to wait around for a massive system switchover — it has to take place with the same urgency that everything else does within those walls. Taking your emergency department or urgent care facility into the cloud is a crucial step toward better care outcomes for patients, and better financial outcomes for hospitals, all driven by the efficient, smart use of data.

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