How to Wear a Dogeared Bracelet

When you choose the jewelry to wear with an outfit, you should choose wisely. Not every piece of jewelry goes well with every clothing item. Just as you carefully choose your clothing and shoes, the bracelets you wear should also be carefully chosen. Every bracelet is made for a different outfit, including the Dogeared bracelet. Consider the theme of your outfits before choosing your accessories look stylish and well-dressed for any occasion.

Stick to One Style

When you are choosing the accessories to go with your outfit, choose thick and chunky or slim and delicate. You should never wear both styles together; they do not mix well. Typically, bold or bright patterned clothing looks better with slim, delicate jewelry. The chunky, cosmetic jewelry should be saved for clothing that is on the tame side. Remember the accessories you choose put the finishing touch on an outfit, either making or breaking your look. If you try to put too many looks together into one outfit, it can look confusing and out of place.

Mixing Metals is Acceptable

Sometimes women want to mix silver and gold jewelry. Typically, this is an acceptable look as long as it is of the same type. For example, a gold Dogeared braceletcan be paired with a silver ring or any other delicate silver jewelry and look trendy. The same is true for chunky jewelry. You can mix thick gold and silver bracelets as long as they are similar in size and style.

Don’t Overdo It

Many people make the mistake of wearing too many accessories at once. Jewelry is one area in which less is definitely more. Choose your items wisely and allow them to be showcased on their own. When you own delicate jewelry with meaning or items you simply love the look of, you want them to be noticed on their own, not overpowered by other jewelry you are wearing.

Jewelry offers a great way to give your wardrobe different looks. You can make a casual outfit suddenly look dressy with the addition of a few items, such as a necklace and Dogeared bracelet. You can also make a boring outfit come to life with large, chunky accessories that make a statement all on their own. The accessories you choose are the perfect way to give your outfit personality and style.

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