How Your Jaw Alignment Can Affect Your Oral Health

How Your Jaw Alignment Can Affect Your Oral Health

The way the muscles in your jaw align can affect the way your chewing muscles work.  These joints and muscles are paired on each side of your head and connect your lower jaw to your skull. The main function of these joints and muscles are to enable you to chew, open and close your mouth as well as move your jaw around.   Because of these direct connections to your head, any type of misalignment of the bones can cause pain during chewing, biting any other movement that involves jaw action according to Dentists in Magnolia.

There are certain reasons that your jaw bones do not align properly and this can not only affect you’re biting and chewing actions, but your overall oral health.  If your jaws are not properly aligned, your teeth can become worn down and any dental restorations you may have had done will not last very long because of this.  This type problem can also cause teeth to become loosened, create muscle pain as well as headaches. When cases of misaligned jaw bones are found in dental patients by Dentists in Magnolia, they generally recommend that taking steps to correct your biting and chewing functions are essential to your oral health and the long-term durability and functionality of not only dental restorations but a proper bite helps keep your upper and lower teeth in proper alignment so that there is not any excessive wear on them.

There are a number of treatment options for misaligned jaw bones that Dentists in Magnolia suggest and most of them begin with a consultation with an oral care professional well trained in temporomandibular joint problems. A well trained dentist is familiar with proper treatment procedures such to properly align your jawbones and correct biting and chewing misalignments. Conservative methods are best when it comes to TMJ treatment. Well trained Dentists in Magnolia will tell you that most treatments for TMJ symptoms are simple and can be done at home, without the need for surgery. Generally only severe cases of TMJ require treatments involving oral splints and mouth guards.

Most Dentists in Magnolia who are well trained in treating misaligned jaw bones begin with a careful examination of the joints and jaw muscles as part of determining exactly what type of treatment is needed.  If surgery is not necessary, then treatments that include bite corrections can be achieved by restorative procedures, orthodontic support equipment and other similar methods.  Sometimes an oral splint is used to help a patient’s jaw become used to being properly aligned.

The most important part of helping to correct misaligned jaw bone is that the patient understands that while so far there is no known cure for temporomandibular disorders, they can be treated with time and patience.  If your Dentists in Magnolia diagnosis the cause of your jaw pain and poor oral health as being a problem with your temporomandibular joints and muscles, it is important that you follow the recommended form of treatment so that not only do you eliminate the pain but that you are able to maintain proper jaw alignment and prevent any further damage to your teeth as well. This is important to keep a healthy smile and overall feelings of good health.

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