Hustle Dance Lessons Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

Hustle Dance Lessons Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List

Think back to the late 1970s. John Travolta was lighting up the big screen with hits like Saturday Night Fever, and disco was taking the country by storm. Today, many people are looking to Hustle Dance Lessons, as this dance remains popular. It’s known for being powerful, dynamic, and flashy and is sure to attract attention out on the dance floor. Although it originally started as a six beat dance, people quickly adapted it to three-beat rhythms to allow for more variation. As a person can dance to numerous songs and genres, it’s no wonder these lessons remain in high demand today.

People can easily identify the hustle by its character. Dancers make use of fast moving patterns-;ones that involve a lot of turns as they make their way across the dance floor. The lady tends to be spotlighted in these dances, which are easily recognized by their intricate arm styling and big presentation, and it’s a smooth dance, with each movement flowing into the next. Dancers should never get ahead of the beat or bounce on the quick steps, and counting in one’s head helps to keep the dancers on track.

Some people tend to shy away from Hustle Dance Lessons, as they believe they will be forced to sit through the big hits of the late 1970s. In actuality, dancers find the hustle is the perfect accompaniment to hip hop and rap music, allowing the dancer to pull out his or her favorite Will Smith or Madonna CD or put in some Donna Summer or the Bee Gees. Any music with a beat of between 100 and 125 minutes is perfect for these dance moves.

Anyone wishing to learn the hustle dance steps should be sure to check out the Fred Astaire Dance Studios. The teachers are highly trained and skilled, and they get anyone out on the dance floor in a short period of time. Students can track their progress using a trophy system, and the curriculum covers a wide range of dance styles, not just the hustle. With group and private lessons offered, everyone will learn some new dance steps in no time at all.

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