Ideal Locations in Your Detroit Home for Glass Block Window Installation

Glass in any form is a timeless material that adds beauty and value to a home. Glassblock, then, can take this beauty to another level considering the many differentstyles of blocks that are available. The utility of glass blocks makes them ideal foruse in a wide variety of locations around your home. To get your imagination going,then, here are a few ideas for glass block window installation in Detroit, MI.

Basement Windows

One of the most popular uses for a glass block window installation in Detroit, MI, isfor basement windows. Due to their exceptional thickness, glass block windows areinherently more secure than traditional windows, meaning they provide an extra layerof protection to potentially vulnerable basement windows. Additionally, glass blocksallow more light into your basement than traditional windows with bars or other typesof security devices, keeping the space from becoming a dark cave.


If you’re looking for a unique way to make your bathroom really stand out, look nofurther than a glass block window installation in Detroit, MI. Glass block can be usedto provide privacy in bathroom windows and shower surrounds. Given itscomposition, a glass block makes an excellent choice for these wet environmentssince they are entirely waterproof and require little to no maintenance.

For quality glass block installation, contact the pros at Glass Block Express by visiting today.

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