Important Considerations for Individuals Considering Bail Bonds Service in Milford, CT

Important Considerations for Individuals Considering Bail Bonds Service in Milford, CT

Usually, the customer of a bail bonds service in Milford, CT is not a defendant but the defendant’s immediate family member, domestic partner or close friend. This person applies for the bond, signs the paperwork and pays the fee, although the defendant may pay that money back after being released from jail. Signing for a bail bond is a very big responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Many people are confused about their responsibilities after paying for a loved one’s release. They act in a panic, wanting to get this person out of jail as quickly as possible. They don’t want to consider the potential negative consequences if the defendant proves to be untrustworthy. If this individual runs away after release, the person who applied for the bond may be in significant trouble.

Paying the Service Fee

First, the agent with a bail bonds service in Milford, CT makes it clear to the customer that the fee is not refundable once the case ends, which is different than when someone pays cash bail to the court. If the defendant doesn’t pay the money back, the customer may lose an amount of cash that they really cannot afford.

When the Defendant Flees

Second, if the defendant flees, the person who arranged for the bond may become liable for the full cash bail amount. The court typically allows the bonding service a certain amount of time to find the defendant, after which the service is expected to pay the cash bail. The contract that the customer signed may verify their liability for this. Thus, the customer essentially becomes responsible for the defendant’s behavior after release from jail.

Relevant Statistics

Most people never think they’ll be in this position one day, facing the prospect of arranging for a bail bond. Some 20 percent of U.S. residents will be arrested at some point, whether for a relatively minor infraction or a serious felony. Whether someone is arrested for shoplifting or armed robbery, this person counts on friends and relatives to help with pretrial release efforts. More information about the process is available from an organization like Aces Bail Bonds. Schedule an appointment to get started.