Important Facts About Salt Rooms

You can season your food with it and there’s heaps of it in the sea, but what else do you know about salt rooms? More and more people are turning to natural therapies as a way of improving their skin and easing certain respiratory conditions, such as asthma. In fact, salt spas are popping up everywhere and sitting inside what might be referred to as a “salt cave” or “salt room” could actually boost your health to completely new heights, with just four minutes inside one being the equivalent to spending four days in an unpolluted ocean. Before you book an appointment at a local clinic, first make yourself aware of some important facts about salt rooms and why the trend is spreading.

Salt Treatments Were Discovered in the 18th Century

A Polish health official who went by the name of Felix Botchkowski discovered the positive health effects of salt therapy way back in the 18th century. The discovery occurred after an investigation into the health of miners who frequently mined in salt caves. When Botchkowski learned that the miners were in good health, he delved deeper into the effects salt could have on the body. Soon after in 1843, a book was published by the health official, who shared his knowledge with the world. This led to the expansion of speleotherapy, which is another term for salt treatments that relieve the symptoms of respiratory problems.

Salt Spas Strengthen the Immune System

A lot of things can damage the immune system, including poor diet and previous illnesses. If your immune system is fairly low you will know, because you will be more likely to contract diseases and get common colds. With regular visits to a salt spa in your area, you can relax for up to an hour, although the majority of sessions will last for 45 minutes. If you really want to give the immune system some added strength, consider investing in something called a salt pipe. This device can be used in your own home, allowing for complete privacy when outside of the spa environment.

Salt Rooms Enhance Health in Various Ways

There is a big misconception surrounding salt rooms – most people believe that salt spas can only benefit people with lung-related problems. However, the health benefits are far more widespread. Chronic bronchitis, rhinopathy, colds, ear infections, viral infections, stress disorders and even cystic fibrosis sufferers can experience better overall health when this form of physical therapy is used.

Non-invasive, natural skin treatments are available at Melbourne’s Salt City clinic. If you want to take a look around their salt rooms, call (03) 9318 0799.

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