Important Information About Social Security Benefits in Greensboro, NC

Important Information About Social Security Benefits in Greensboro, NC

Social Security Disability gives disabled individuals monthly income to support themselves. Unfortunately, not all applications are approved, and some claimants will need a Social Security attorney in Greensboro to help get these benefits. If you were denied, discussing your case with an attorney could lead to approval and the monthly benefits you need.

Eligibility Requirements for Social Security Disability

First, you must have a disability that lasts at least one year. The condition must prevent you from getting a job and financially supporting yourself. It must cause frequent work absences and prevent you from keeping employment. You need medical documentation to show when you were diagnosed, the condition, and how it affects employment.

Income Restrictions Apply

SSI or Supplemental Security Income is available for disabled children in low-income households. After providing medical evidence, the applicant’s parents must submit income records. Income allowances apply to married and single parents, and the parents must provide income updates with every increase or decrease.

Understanding Your Rights

A Social Security attorney in Greensboro provides information about your rights if denied benefits. You can file an appeal and allow the court to determine your case. However, there is a deadline for filing an appeal, and you must provide all medical evidence of your condition.

Social Security Disability provides monthly income for disabled adults and children. Applicants must meet stringent eligibility requirements to get approved. After a denial, you may need a lawyer to help with an appeal. For help with a Social Security disability claim, contact Collins Price, PLLC.

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