In Illinois, the Most Important Muscle Does Not Pump Iron — It Pumps Blood

In Illinois, the Most Important Muscle Does Not Pump Iron — It Pumps Blood

PET – Positron emission tomography – is an imaging technology that enables the visualization of metabolic processes. Coupled with MPI – myocardial perfusion imaging – you have the gold standard for noninvasive detection of coronary blockages.

Fixed Site Cardiac PET

All cardiology programs benefit from having access to cardiac PET imaging. A fixed site cardiac PET service provides cutting-edge tools to physicians enabling them to better serve the needs of their patients.

It provides the complete service necessary with no capital outlay from the partnered physicians. Administrative and technical support provided includes:

  • Complete PET System
  • Necessary software with training
  • Training for staff to become Bracco Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologists
  • State RAM license and ACR/ICANL accreditation preparation and costs
  • All system construction and a dedicated CII project supervisor
  • A 90-day implementation with veterans for oversight of all aspects of the program
  • On-going billing support and pre-certifications as necessary
  • and more

Enhanced Image Quality with PET Myocardial Perfusion

PET-MPI provides a true measurement of blood flow in the heart muscle. This noninvasive imaging is excellent for evaluating patients with known or suspected coronary artery disease.

A reading of absolute myocardial blood flow and function of the heart at stress and rest is accomplished in a single study session of about 30 min.

For more information about the benefits of fixed site Cardiac PET and the safe, reliable, and innovative high-quality health care available with Cardiac Imaging, Inc., visit them online. You can also call them toll-free at 800-998-2035, email their sales department at or Human Resources at

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