Information About Security Officers Cincinnati

There are many security officer jobs in the Cincinnati area. When you are dealing with security guards, you will run across a couple different types. You will have the armed security guard, the unarmed security guard, and even the guard that is dressing in plain clothing. Each type of security guard has their own job duties and requirements. Security officers provide their service to many different companies. Depending on the location the security officer will be working in will determine if the officer needs to be armed or not.

A few companies that hire security officers for their buildings are banks, malls, casinos and even them parks. Court houses hire security guards to operate the metal detector. It is their duty to make sure no one passes that check point with any armed weapons. Some of their other duties will consist of patrolling the area, enforce the rules and prevent any violence. A security officer that is armed will be required to go through extra training once they are hired.Security Officers Cincinnati has plenty of openings in various locations. The number of jobs for security officers is expected to grow within the next few years. An estimated of over 175,000 jobs by the year 2016.

The pay of each type of security officer will vary depending on how much risk they are at while they are on the clock. Another thing that is taken into consideration when it comes to pay is how much training they have been through. The average annual salary is around 26,000 to 34,000. To become Security Officers Cincinnati there are a couple requirements one will have to meet. Most of the states require the individual to be licensed in that state. The company that you will be applying with runs an FBI background check, it must come back clean in order to go any further with the hiring process. The individual must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma as well. It is fairly easy to find a job as a security officer if you already have experience in the field.

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