Is A Verticut Machine A Good Addition To Your Equipment Line?

For any mill producing packaged lumber, a Verticut machine offers a customized solution for packaging solutions. The different options on these machines can add to the efficiency and effectiveness of the system, or it may be kept basic to provide standard types of package processing needs.
The basic operation of a Verticut machine is as a cut off saw. Able to easily move through packages of lumber, the cut provides a clean, even end that is a sign of a top lumber processing operation.

With a durable hydraulic motor to drive the powered saw bar, it moves cleanly through the lumber package. With the best equipment, this cutting action can be completed in under a minute, with just a single operator required for this precision cutting operation.

Important Factors to Consider

For high production types of lumber yards, choosing a Verticut system with the ability to match production requirements is always an essential consideration. Customizing the operation with automatic features and additional services on one machine make it more efficient.

The top lines of the Verticut machine options on the market can include even ending systems, which is ideal with continuous production requirements. Additionally, an infeed and outfeed system on the saw allows for efficient movement of the pre-cut and cut lumber packages, which can be in standard 16 or 20 foot lengths. Adding a strapping station to the Verticut machine provides a complete final packaging system on one piece of equipment.

Automated settings and system controls add to the reduction in waste of these systems. When considering this machine for any processing facility, look for a system with the ability to cut to tight tolerances, as well as a system that offers a small chainsaw kerf for a reduction in waste.