Lead Bars For Sale Under Any Other Name Are Still Versatile

Lead Bars For Sale Under Any Other Name Are Still Versatile

The use of lead dates back to prehistoric times. The Ancient Greeks and Romans used it to produce ammunition as well as piping and other functional and decorative items. Today, individuals and companies can purchase lead bars for sale from a variety of sources. They can employ them in applications as diverse as ballast and radiation protection.


Lead bars are soft, durable, malleable and ductile. A metal with a high atomic density and number as well as high levels of stability, lead is readily available in different sizes, shapes, and grades. As bars, lead is also versatile. This is true whether the lead bars for sale are called bars, sticks or ingots by the company producing them or the supplier selling them. Sometimes the term pigs, bullion or bar lead may apply.


Lead sticks or bricks have many applications. Below are several common uses for this lead product:

  • Balancing material
  • Weighing material
  • Ballast
  • Construction material for radiation protecting or shielding
  • Lead bullets
  • Fishing sinkers
  • Ammunition

Many applications require the melting of the bricks into the right molds for creating the right shape. Enthusiasts purchase the bricks to produce customized bullets or fishing hooks. This requires the implementation of a high degree of safety awareness as the manipulation of lead is dangerous to an individual’s health. This includes the release of toxic fumes during the melting process.

Lead Bars for Sale

When considering purchasing lead bars for sale online or in person, be sure to understand the terminology as well as the requirements for safe use. Whether the name is ingot, bar or stick, lead does offer some challenges to those who use it. Whether professional construction use bricks to produce a protective structure or a hunter is using it to make ammunition, precautions are essential if the process is to advance safely from start to finish.