Learning the Difference Between Sushi and a Sashimi Plate in Carlsbad, CA

Learning the Difference Between Sushi and a Sashimi Plate in Carlsbad, CA

Many people have become confused about the true definition of sushi. They believe sushi is the name for raw fish served in the Japanese tradition. Actually, sashimi is the correct name for this food. A sashimi plate in Carlsbad, CA, can be enjoyed by customers of a restaurant that excels in this kind of menu item.


Sushi is a bite-sized rice delicacy that often contains raw fish, but fish is not a requirement for this food. When fish is included, it should be sashimi-grade seafood, since the quality guarantees the raw seafood is safe to eat.


The most frequently seen sushi in this country is called maki. It consists of rolls of seaweed and rice made with vinegar. Tiny pieces of fish and vegetables can be added. The fish can be raw or cooked. Vegetarian options are also available, usually made with cucumber or avocado.


A sashimi plate in Carlsbad, CA, commonly consists of tuna or salmon. It might be served as an appetizer. A group of friends or relatives might want to order several items from a menu and include sashimi that they all can sample.

This fish is caught with a line and iced immediately after the kill takes place. This keeps the meat fresh, so it is safe to eat without cooking. When someone orders sashimi at a fine restaurant, they can feel confident about the flavor and quality. Sashimi can be eaten at Pelly’s Fish Market & Cafe, which displays its menu.