Let Roof Repair in Puyallup WA Provide a Beautiful, Durable Roofing Solution

When a roof fails, it could result in serious property damage. For instance, a slow leak around the ridge cap or along one of the valleys could result in damage to the underlying decking. Water leaks such as this can also be the cause of a very expensive Roof Repair in Puyallup WA. This is mostly due to the fact that water destroys most of the decking materials currently in use. Products such as plywood and OSB (oriented strand board) may provide excellent support for heavy roofing materials, but once they get wet their integrity is destroyed.

Roofing damage comes from a variety of problems. The most common are damaged shingles or poor seals around roofing details such as attic vents. Keep in mind that the roof is a mixture of materials designed for both strength and water resistance. The average residential roof begins with a skeleton made from joists and rafters. Over this is a layer of decking, typically OSB. The next layer should be roofing felt, although, there are some roofers who skip this step. The purpose of the felt is to completely cover the decking and provide additional protection if a leak does occur.

The final layer is the most important and there are a variety of options for this. The most common solution is asphalt shingles. The budget grade versions have the shortest service life, but varieties such as composite or laminated shingles can last for decades. If the home is due for a major Roof Repair in Puyallup WA and the property owner desires a new look, then a roofing replacement made with steel may also be an option.

Steel roofing comes in a variety of types and styles. There are steel sheets that cover long spans and stamped steel panels that resemble most other roofing options. Steel can be zinc galvanized or coated with a fluoropolymer-based paint. Either option provides a long-lasting protective coating and this is what helps the steel roofing survive.

Other options exist such as cedar shake or simulated shake roofing. A shake roof has a unique appearance that many people prefer, but cedar shake often requires a lot of maintenance to keep it functional. Simulated shake roofing can reduce this problem. However, there are only a few simulated shake solutions that are truly as beautiful as the real thing so the property owner may need to spend a bit of time examining the possibilities.

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Let Roof Repair in Puyallup WA Provide a Beautiful, Durable Roofing Solution, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating