Living Expenses That Come With Living in Off-Campus Housing in Arizona

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Living Expenses That Come With Living in Off-Campus Housing in Arizona

As you embark on off-campus living, your thoughts may be on the new freedom you can enjoy. You no longer have parents or resident advisors to monitor your daily activities or apply rules to your living space. Yet, with this freedom comes additional responsibilities that you now have to handle for yourself. You must ensure that all of your bills are covered, so you can continue living on your own. Here are living expenses that come with ASU off-campus housing.

Monthly Rent

With living in a student apartment, you will learn how to establish utilities and budget for your expenses. The largest expenditure you will need to handle is your monthly rent. In most places, it is due on the first of the month and a few days after that to make the payment without extra fees included. In ASU off-campus housing, you can easily make payments online or in-person. Set a reminder on your calendar to ensure you are able to cover your rent each month.

Renter’s Insurance

Although ASU off-campus housing comes furnished, you will have items that you want to bring to your new home. The costlier items, like laptops, jewelry, and electronics will need to have protection from renters insurance. It is not very expensive, but you must remember the payments in order to continue the coverage of your student apartment.

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