Luxury Lighting In Coral Gables Bathrooms

Luxury Lighting In Coral Gables Bathrooms

The two rooms in the home that most Coral Gables homeowners indicated they wish to remodel or upgrade are the kitchen and the master bathroom. It is not surprising these are typically the two most used areas of the home as well, and creating the perfect look in everything from fixtures to luxury lighting in the main bathroom is an ideal way to give any home a new look.

One of the most popular trends in master bath remodeling is to create a home spa. This typically includes the addition of natural stone for the floor, countertops, sink and shower area, as well as natural materials for the walls and furniture items in the room.

Lighting Selections

While choosing natural stone, bamboo, wicker, and natural wood materials may be easy; it can be difficult to create the spa look without careful consideration of the luxury lighting options available.

Surprisingly, any number of lighting options from recessed lights to mini-chandeliers and pendant fixtures can add just the right look to the bathroom area. Understanding how much light the fixture produces and how it will be directed within the space of the bathroom are the critical factors in making a selection.

Get Creative

It may seem that recessed lighting or standard bathroom fixtures are the best options in a spa-type of bathroom, but there are many different lighting styles to consider. Choosing a drum shade style of pendant gives a unique, softer light while still providing the intensity needed over a bath or a shower area, offering a luxury lighting option that is memorable and unique.

Brass, antique brass or more traditional or even rustic styles of lights above the sink area add to the warm, earthy look. Sconces of all types, either with single or multiple lights, are a great addition along walls or over the vanity. They can be used to provide accent lighting up or down the walls, creating the look of additional space as well as enhancing colors and visual appeal.