Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A CNC Machining Company

Startup OEMs or companies that are moving from in-house production of parts and components to using contract manufacturing services often make mistakes when selecting a CNC machining company.

Understanding how these mistakes can end up costing your company helps the management team avoid these common pitfalls and choose the best CNC machining company for the specific job. Keep in mind, when production of multiple parts and components is required, looking for a single machining shop that can complete all of the work is a more streamlined and effective option as compared to using multiple companies.

Mistake: Only Looking at Local Companies

It is practical to look for local companies to provide any type of outsourced production. However, settling for a local company to save a small amount on freight can easily end up costing a lot more on late deliveries of orders, poor quality control and the inability to ramp up production levels as needed.

By looking at machining companies with a top reputation in the industry, as well as those that are within a reasonable distance to major transportation routes, the benefits may well outweigh the small cost difference.

Mistake: Not Considering the Machining Company’s Reputation and Industry Expertise

Not getting to know the CNC machining company and its reputation in the industry is a very common mistake. Many of the top companies offering prototyping to production spend very little on advertising as their reputation brings in all the business they need.

Before hiring any machining shop, do some research on the years in the industry, the types of expertise offered, and the ability to work to specific standards and tolerances.

Start looking for a machining company early in the design process. The top companies can provide assistance at this stage, helping to reduce the cost of production through more efficient design.

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