Mold Removal in Texas is Serious Work

Mold Removal in Texas is Serious Work

Water damage can be complicated to handle. If not dealt with properly, it can lead to mold, mildew and even structural problems in your home. Here is a look at some of the ways water can get in: some obvious and others that are more subtle. Also, learn more about what it takes for safe mold removal in Texas.

Ways Water Gets In

While the flood from a winter thaw followed by heavy spring rains is an obvious hazard to deal with, some water damage is caused by internal problems. One loose shingle on a roof can allow moisture to get in under it. When this happens, you can get a wet attic, including the insulation and between the inner and outer wall layers. You can have similar problems with broken windows and damaged doors as well.

Leaky pipes can create hidden water damage as well. A shower that doesn’t seal properly, a toilet that keeps flushing or a sink drain that leaks can all lead to hidden water damage.

How to Treat Water and Mold

The first step is to get everything as dry as possible as fast as possible. The less time water sits around, the less time it has to start growing mold spores. It doesn’t take long, so if water sits for more than a few hours, you will probably want to call a professional water remediation company. They have the techniques to get to hidden water and stop mold in its tracks.

If you notice a minor mold issue on a bedroom wall or bathroom ceiling, you can often clean this up yourself with some diluted bleach and water. This will kill any spores and clean the area. However, if the mold appears to be dark in nature, you need to get a ruling on the type of mold it is. Black mold can be very dangerous to work with. Even coming into contact with black mold can lead to significant health problems.

When the problem is severe, or black mold is present, safe Mold Removal in Texas, is not a job for amateurs. Contact 1 Priority Environmental Services to get the job done right and safeguard your belongings, and more importantly, your health.

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