Momeni Area Rugs Add Fashion and Function to Spaces


Are you on the fence about purchasing a Momeni area rug? If so, learn why it could benefit you to pick up one of these classic creations. They are fantastic and completely worth the money.

Momeni Rugs are Homemade
Just like braided rugs, Momeni area rugs are crafted by hand. This focus on authenticity and quality over quantity makes for a luxurious rug, one that will stand up to the most harsh conditions that your home and its inhabitants present. What this means for you is a rug that will last for as long as you need it. Great care is taken in creating these Persian style rugs, so you will not be finding yourself making a return after a year when the rug has fallen apart.

Momeni Rugs are Luxurious
The luxurious feel that comes from Momeni area rugs is palpable, literally, as you can run your fingers through the fabric and notice just how soft and luxurious the rug is. But just because it is luxurious and soft to the touch does not automatically mean it will deteriorate over time. With proper care and a purchase made through an authorized supplier of these types of rugs, you will notice little to no changes in the rug once you bring it home and add it to your space.

Momeni Rugs are Customizable
Provided you order your rug from an authorized manufacturer, you can have it customized to suit whatever dimensions are required for your space. And though size does matter here, it is not the sole factor. You can have the rug customized with a design you have created or have found elsewhere, or you can mix and match two designs to go together as one. Your creativity is limitless here, so if customizing is important to you then find a dealer who can craft customized designs directly for you.

Momeni Rugs are One of a Kind
Similar again to braided rugs, Momeni area rugs are completely unique to each user. So while two rugs could be created with the same pattern in mind, that pattern would begin and end in a different place on one rug than the next, simply because a person is making them and not a machine. And even rugs that are crafted by machines still employ the concept of keeping everything unique. These rugs are intended to be absolutely unique to each owner, so the people making them take special care to keep them authentic, to ensure they are unique and to keep costs as affordable as possible.

To find a full selection of high quality Momeni area rugs, visit, where a wide variety is available from which to choose. The company offers these rugs and more on its website at

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