Native Plants in Landscape Installation in Durham CT for a Mini Ecosystem

Many property owners want Landscape Installation in Durham CT that has a natural look instead of a highly manicured and entirely organized appearance. The main goal might be to concentrate on native plants instead of exotic ones, and to have the landscapers create gardens with some random elements. Blended native wildflower seeds, for instance, generate a bounty of colorful blooms with no particular arrangement. The effect is similar to what people might see while driving past countryside fields or hiking in the woods.

Native ferns, grasses and other greenery that commonly grow in the wild also can be part of the Landscape Installation in Durham CT. Depending on the size of the property, the homeowners might want an area that looks like a natural meadow with some trees bordering it. Heavily manicured shrubbery and hedges will not be part of this plan. If wildflowers start growing haphazardly in this area, the property owner has the option to leave them. Examples might include red and white clover, daisies and black-eyed Susans.

One option that may be appealing is to have an area of mowed grass bordered by native plants and beyond that, trees. Lawn chairs can be placed near the plant border. This has the effect of sitting in a natural park where only a small area is tended to regularly and the rest is allowed to grow on its own. It’s a relaxing space for conversing, reading or simply enjoying the view.

This type of landscaping, as crafted by a company such as Madison Earthcare, constitutes its own little ecosystem that tends to be attractive to birds and other wildlife. Homeowners should be aware of this before beginning the project. Not everyone has the patience to deal with a haven for squirrels, chipmunks and even raccoons and deer. Those animals roam through the area seeking food, water and shelter. There are effective strategies for keeping the more destructive critters from taking up residence on the property while still being able to enjoy the occasional sight of them. A vegetable garden will probably need to be thoroughly fenced, as that may be the case with ornamental plants such as tulips.

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