Neat Facts and Tips From A Recycling Center in CT

Neat Facts and Tips From A Recycling Center in CT

These days, being “green” is all the rage, and there are many great reasons why. Probably the most important reason is that it keeps our planet happy and healthy. Here are a few cool facts and neat tips from a Recycling Center CT.

* Make sure to rinse out aluminum cans when storing them before taking them in to be recycled. This gets rid of excess liquid from beverages and will result in fewer bugs being attracted to them.

* One ton of recycled aluminum cans results in a savings of almost 40 barrels of oil and 10 cubic yards that would be otherwise be taken up in a landfill.

* When recycling cardboard boxes, make sure to remove other materials that may have been left behind such as packing peanuts plastic wrapping, and other things.

* To decrease storage space, experts recommend that boxes be broken down.

* Keep cardboard dry to reduce the amount of weight that needs to be hauled. While cardboard can still be recycled if it has become wet, it is much more convenient to carry if it is dry.

* Each single ton of cardboard that is recycled results in a savings of 1 barrel of oil and almost 7 million BTU’s of energy

* Rinse out glass containers to remove any food or beverage residue before recycling.

* It is not necessary to remove labels on a glass that is being brought to the Recycling Center CT because it will be removed when it is crushed or even burned off during the melting process.

* Do not break the glass beforehand as different colors of glass being mixed together may prevent any of the glass from being recycled.

* Nearly 8 pounds of air pollution is prevented from being released per every ton of glass that is recycled.

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