Options to Consider Before an Assisted Living Facility in Long Island

Options to Consider Before an Assisted Living Facility in Long Island

Seniors today often hope to stay in their own homes for their entire lives. Their children, however, may struggle with a way to allow their parents to have their independence while also ensuring they are safe. Though an Assisted Living Facility in Long Island is always an option, it may be wise to consider other alternatives first.

Family Care

Large families are sometimes able to take turns spending time in their parent’s home so they are never alone. This allows the senior to stay in their own house and have the support of their children when they need it. Another option is for one adult child to move their parent into their home. This ensures the senior has constant supervision and doesn’t have to live amongst strangers in an Assisted Living Facility in Long Island.

A Professional Companion

When families members are too busy or live too far away to devote necessary amount of time to care for their parents, an agency such as At Home Senior Care can send an experienced companion to the home to care for a seniors basic needs. These agencies work closely with the senior and their family to develop a plan for their care. Employees of the agency must pass thorough background checks and are insured to protect your loved ones.

Private Nursing Care

There may come a time when your parent needs more than just someone to spend time with them. If they need full-time nursing care, you may be able to hire a private nurse to take care of their medical needs in the home. A nurse can provide the medical care ordered by a doctor and help your loved one stay in their own home longer. If your parent’s condition gets worse and additional care is necessary, they may need to move into a facility equipped to provide around-the-clock medical services.

There are a few options for seniors who have a strong desire to remain in a natural environment that will give their adult children peace of mind. Some of those options include additional support from the family, hiring a professional to stay with the senior when family can’t be there and hiring a nurse to come into the home to provide medical services.