Outdoor Screens May Require More Rugged Protection

More and more people turn to devices and television screens for advertisements, promotions, information, and branding. They’re not just inside devices any longer because digital signage is a fast-growing media option that works. Advertising screens are showing up everywhere, which is great for business but could be detrimental to the screen without the right protection.

Challenges With Outdoor Screens

Primarily, you have to have a screen which can be used outdoors. However, it’s not hard to find these options now because of their popularity. Likewise, you’ll have to get them installed by a professional, which may cost a bit up front. Again, you’ll be benefiting soon enough from them, so it’s not a big deal.

The next step is to ensure security. You’ve spend all this time and money finding the perfect outdoor screens and getting them set up, so you don’t want to have them stolen or damaged.

The Solution

The best thing to do is to encase the screen in metal to protect it from vandalism. Likewise, people won’t be able to take the screen or kick/damage it, either. Entanglements offer a variety of protection options for your outdoor televisions, some of which are very intricately designed.

You can choose something in dark-coloured metal with a Moorish design, or box and geometric shapes that will beautify the area, as well as protect your property. Many times, company owners think about glass cases, so the screen doesn’t get damaged or dirty. However, glass can be broken quite easily, which defeats the purpose.

Rugged protection from metal means that you’ve got something that can be locked and may be heavy enough (or bolted to the outside wall) so that it cannot be moved or stolen. Likewise, people can still see the screen and get information, or reach inside and interact with it if it uses touchscreen technology.

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