Paying Household Bills Before a Settlement Is Negotiated by a Personal Injury Attorney in Silverdale

An injured person may want to have a Personal Injury Attorney in Silverdale negotiate a better settlement than is being offered by an insurer. But in the meantime, how is this individual supposed to pay bills if he or she cannot yet return to work? Some bill payments obviously cannot be delayed for very long. Utility companies may disconnect service if payments are not made in a timely manner. If the person rents an apartment, eviction is probable if a rent payment is missed or if payments are consistently late.

The injured individual may need to use savings, borrow from a retirement plan or obtain a loan to get by during settlement negotiations. A personal injury attorney in Silverdale does not want clients to get into financial trouble, but this lawyer also wants clients to receive the compensation they deserve. When people accept the first settlement offer from an insurer, that offer often is lower than they could receive if a lawyer becomes involved in negotiations. The entire situation is stressful, but the person might focus on the peace of mind that will result when a more reasonable amount is paid. That compensation might not only include payments for medical bills and lost wages, but also for emotional trauma, physical pain and suffering, and psychological therapy. It should include reimbursement for any modifications that have been necessary in the home, such as the addition of an exterior ramp if the person has difficulty climbing stairs.

Even if the person was unemployed when the accident occurred, lost wages still might be covered in the settlement. A firm such as The Law Offices of Anthony C. Otto will approach the insurer with evidence that the client was on track to becoming employed again before the injury happened. Perhaps the lawyer can verify positive responses to job applications and even interviews being scheduled. A certain percentage of wages based on the previous monthly or yearly income amount might be provided. Those payments might be extended for many months or even years, depending on the agreement reached. Visit to learn how to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

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Paying Household Bills Before a Settlement Is Negotiated by a Personal Injury Attorney in Silverdale, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating