Proper Maintenance for Vacu Maid Central Vacuum Systems in Long Island

When you have a central vacuum system installed in your home, you learn how easy it can be to clean your entire home quickly and efficiently. While these systems are easier to use, they do require some maintenance on your part. If you have Vacu Maid central vacuum systems in Long Island, knowing what you need to do as part of a regular maintenance routine will ensure your unit stays operational for longer and continues to clean your home thoroughly.

Empty the Canister

While you won’t need to empty the canister every time you use the vacuum cleaner, you do need to make sure you check it often to ensure it doesn’t overfill. When it is getting close to being full, it is important to empty the canister as instructed in your manual. This will ensure your vacuum doesn’t back up due to a full canister. This can cause a lot of damage to your unit.

Check the Pump Screen

Vacu Maid central vacuum systems in Long Island have a protection screen that is placed over the vacuum pump. This screen is designed to keep the pump free of debris so it doesn’t become jammed and stop working. However, dirt and debris can end up stuck to the screen, blocking the flow of air within the vacuum. Therefore, each time you empty the canister, it is important to reach inside the vacuum and remove the debris from the pump screen to prolong its life.

Clean the Electro-Static Screen

If your particular model has an electro-static screen, it is important for you to check this when you empty the canister as well. To check this screen, you need to remove it from inside the system. Once you have removed it, you need to clean it by vacuuming it, running it under clean water or simply shaking it off. Be sure to replace it securely before you replace the canister to ensure it operates as it should.

Installing Vacu Maid central vacuum systems in Long Island can make the process of cleaning your home easier. However, if you want to make sure your home stays clean, you need to properly maintain your central vacuum system. This includes emptying out the canister on a regular basis. When you empty out the canister, you also need to check the pump screen to ensure there is nothing stuck to it and clean the electro-static screen, if you have one, for optimal operation of your vacuum.

To learn more about the proper maintenance of Vacu Maid central vacuum systems in Long Island, visit All County Central Vacuums.

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