Protecting Feet and Legs With Non-Skid, Anti Fatigue Foam Deck Mats

Protecting Feet and Legs With Non-Skid, Anti Fatigue Foam Deck Mats

Anti-fatigue mats, also known as helm pads, are made to minimize the level of fatigue induced by long periods of standing on a boat’s deck. Made with 13mm anti-fatigue foam, these mats make long hours spent cruising or fishing more comfortable for feet.

Where Anti Fatigue Mats Do Their Work

Anti-fatigue boat mats are used on boat decks to decrease the effects on feet and lower limbs caused by standing in a single position over time. It’s scientific that this condition will be fatiguing and stressful. Even with good shoes, just standing has an impact.

Choosing an Anti Fatigue Mat

While there are a variety of products sold as anti-fatigue boat mats, there are factors to consider when looking for a good design.

Mat thickness is a core concern. 13mm pads are made to maximize comfort where it’s most needed. Softer and thicker pads that have elasticity yet enough firmness to comfortably support standing are best.

The working environment is also a key factor. Helm pads with a 3M adhesive backing permit peel-and-stick application. Helm pads need to be well adhered and include sloped edges to prevent slipping or tripping hazards, and they need to be able to withstand regular deck washing.

Expert in Boat Flooring Overlays

DEKit offers completely customizable, UV and 3M PSA-protected non-skid products made from cross-linked PE/EVA foam for safer boating. These include 13mm-thick anti-fatigue boat mats in Ice Grey on Anchor Grey, Teak on Black and Anchor Grey on Black.

Contact the deck cover experts DEKit at (833) 335-4848 or online at to learn more.

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