Questions and Answers About Invisalign, See a Dentist in Lakeview

If you don’t have perfectly straight teeth, there are options that Lakeview area dentists have for you. One of the most convenient ways for you to straighten your teeth is by using Invisalign aligners. People who are considering these aligners might have questions, so here are some of the common answers:

How do These Aligners Work?

When you choose these aligners, they work by using 3-D technology to map out a treatment plan from the start. The aligners are then made in a series, with slight variations from one piece to another. Most people put in an aligner and wear it for a couple of weeks. At this point, the teeth have shifted and are ready for the next aligner in the series.

What are the Benefits?

When compared to traditional braces, these aligners have distinct benefits. They are clear, and no one will notice that you have them in your mouth. You can also eat and drink whatever you want because you take the aligners out during meal times. You can also use floss and toothbrushes like you are used to. Finally, there are no wires or brackets that irritate the mouth.

Do All Dentists Offer Invisalign Treatment?

No, not all Lakeview area dentists offer this treatment. Those who do must go through extensive training to learn how to use the aligners. Additionally, these dentists must take additional and ongoing training.

Do the Aligners Hurt?

Some people experience mild aches in the mouth the first couple of days after using the aligners. This is normal and is a sign that the treatment is working. If you experience this discomfort, your dentist should recommend some over the counter pain medication to help ease your symptoms.

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