Raise Average Sales Tickets or Promote Your Brand With Folding Umbrellas

Raise Average Sales Tickets or Promote Your Brand With Folding Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a universally required item just about anywhere you go in the world. Like shoes, just about everyone in every climate requires an umbrella for daily or seasonal use. Folding umbrellas offer the convenience of fitting snugly into a pocket, tote or carry-on. They are also a sound investment for customer-oriented businesses and B2B outfits looking to increase average transactions while strengthening brand recognition. Here’s how.

Solids and Prints for Every Taste and Time Zone

Wholesale folding umbrellas solve the problem of how to incorporate year-round top-selling products into your inventory. Umbrellas in every color and imaginable print let you tweak your product lineup to match with and maximize your business’s location, unique demographics and sales objectives. Available solid colors include all primary and secondary colors, and prints range from floral and dotted to tartan and tiger.

Both Solids and Prints Can Be Customized

Are you launching a new business venture or reintroducing the market to an old but good idea? A solid or printed umbrella provides a wonderful medium with which to broadcast your message. Both solids and prints make vibrant, standout backdrops for your brand logo, sales phrases and product graphics. Each time the weather calls for rain, customers who open your logo umbrellas automatically broadcast and advertise your business for you, showcasing your brand like the most comprehensive social media campaign.

Tried and True Promotional Strategies

Folding umbrellas make spectacular giveaways for special events, parties or customer incentives. You can order products with colors that correspond to a nationally recognized cause or holidays, such as pink for Breast Cancer Awareness or green for St. Patrick’s Day. Customizing umbrellas to capitalize on a cause or holiday makes a memorable keepsake and a highly functional product. Party guests can use such items at their own convenience or share the umbrella with friends and family.

As the umbrella travels, it takes your brand with it, introducing potential customers far and wide to your goods and services. It’s arguably the most powerful, throwback method of advertising that never gets old and never stops making an impact. Visit Raintec Umbrella online at raintecumbrella.com, your top source for cost-effective, durable and attractive wholesale umbrella options.