Reasons To Invest In Zone HVAC System In Roswell

Most people have heard of zone heating and cooling, but they may not have considered it as an option when replacing a current HVAC system. There are several benefits for Roswell homeowners to consider, all of which can save money, boost energy efficiency and help to keep the home a comfortable temperature all year round.

What is Zone Control?

Zone control with an HVAC system allows the rooms in the home to be grouped together and controlled independently with regards to temperature. With a conventional heating and cooling system, there is one thermostat located centrally in the home to control the temperature in the entire house.

With the choice of a zone system, there will be a thermostat in each zone, allowing for different temperatures to be maintained throughout different areas of the house. This is ideal to keep bedrooms cooler for comfortable sleeping without having to cool the entire home in the summer. It also allows for different zone programming, only heating or cooling the areas of the home which are in use at specific times of the day.

Save on System Operating Costs

The cost of adding a zone HVAC system is more than a new or replacement system that uses the conventional one zone control. However, the cost of savings in energy will be noticeable, which will build up over the life cycle of the system.

With lower energy costs over 15 years, the savings of operating the zone system can be considerable. This is particularly true with larger homes, with a large square footage of living space.

Eliminating Temperature Variations

Working with professional heating and air conditioning experts in Roswell to install the zone system based on the home design and heating and cooling needs will ensure that hot and cold spots in the house can be eliminated.

This provides a uniform comfort level with the temperature throughout the year, making the entire home a much more enjoyable place to spend time.

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