Signs To Consider When Pursuing Carpenter Ant Control in Minneapolis

Signs To Consider When Pursuing Carpenter Ant Control in Minneapolis

Homeowners constantly have to worry about their homes being attacked from all sides. If they’re not worrying about rats, they have to worry about roaches. If a homeowner isn’t worrying about roaches, they’re worrying about termites or carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are very common and can cause a lot of harm to a home. The following are some of the ways a homeowner can detect these annoying pests.

Moisture Can Be A Sign

Like most insects and animals, carpenter ants are always looking for water. Having a home affected by water might sound terrible for a homeowner, but this is something carpenter ants love. Carpenter ants are often attracted to wood that has been damaged and dampened by water. Wet wood makes carving tunnels and pathways much easier for these ants. Call a service for Carpenter Ant Control in Minneapolis if this is a problem you’ve noticed.

Sawdust Piles Are A Giveaway

When homeowners notice holes and piles of sawdust around wood they immediately think of termites. Yes, termites are a problem for many homeowners, but carpenter ants are known to damage wood as well. Contrary to what many people believe, carpenter ants don’t consume wood like termites. All of the sawdust a person may see comes from these ants digging and tunneling through wooden pieces.

Watch And Listen Closely

Believe it or not, it’s possible to actually hear carpenter ants. These busy insects are known to make slight sounds while they’re communicating and tunneling through the wood. If you think you’ve narrowed down their location, try staying quiet and listening closely.

A homeowner may also be able to track an infestation by following along. Carpenter ants are typically more active in the evenings. Try taking some time to look closely around your home. If you spot a few of these ants, consider following them back to their nest. At this point, you can call Carpenter Ant Control in Minneapolis to have them exterminated.

speak with a representative who can assist this problem. Again, carpenter ants are typically attracted to damp wood. Also, try to avoid mistaking carpenter ants for termites. Lastly, try tracking down these ants by watching where they operate and listening for signs.