Signs You May Need New Tires

Does your car seem to be riding rough lately? This could be a sign you have worn out tires, and you should go to a trusted passenger car tire service in Oklahoma City. Yet, riding rough is only one symptom of worn out tires. Here are four more things to watch for, which may mean it is time for a replacement.

  1. Low Tread
    Are your tire treads showing signs of wear? Once tread gets too low, your tires cannot properly grip the road, and you could lose traction. It is harder to corner with worn out tires, and your performance may suffer a great deal.
  2. Weather Cracking
    Time and the weather are two of your tires’ biggest enemies (besides excessive miles driven). After a few years, you may see little cracks in the rubber. Sidewall wall cracks may become dangerous because they can weaken the structure of the tire, and it could fail on the highway someday. You should take badly cracked tires to your passenger car tire service in Oklahoma City for inspection.
  3. Vibrations
    Does your car shake or vibrate sometimes? Maybe this happens at certain speeds. Out of balance tires and front end issues can cause vibrations but so can tire problems. Sometimes tire belts can shift and throw the tire out of balance. These tires need to be replaced by your passenger car tire service in Oklahoma City.
  4. Out of Warranty
    Your tires are guaranteed for just so many miles. For example, if you own 40,000 mile tires and you have put more than 40,000 miles on them, you should consider replacing them.

Talk to Your Tire Pros

Bad tires are a safety hazard. To keep you and your family safe, talk to your tire professionals soon. They can tell you if there are problems and show you the best tires for your car and budget.

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