Smooth, Mild and Flavorful Cigars

As a smoker, what do you look for in your cigars? Some prefer bold, strong flavors; others prefer a subtler experience. More commonly, however, cigar smokers look for blend of flavor and smoothness for the optimal smoking experience. Brands such as Garcia Y Vaga offer affordable machine-rolled cigars and cigarillos that are the perfect blend of taste and sensation.

For the casual cigar smoker, you want a product that is enjoyable. Finding the right cigar can be difficult. Some can be so harsh, they’re nearly inconsumable. How can one enjoy a cigar that causes coughing with every puff? Some brands use such low-quality tobacco that the flavor can be unpalatable. What’s the point of a cigar if it doesn’t taste good? Smokers looking for an affordable, yet enjoyable cigar turn to brands like Garcia Y Vaga, which offers smooth Dominican-made products.

Mild to medium blend cigars are prefect for any occasion. From celebrations, to golf games, to Sunday evenings on the porch, they are certain to enhance many moments. Premium machine-rolled cigars are optimized to prolong each smoking experience, allowing for long periods of enjoyment between friends and family. Whether you are celebrating a victory or reminiscing over old times, a cigar is the prefect accessory to pleasant company.

For those who want the flavor experience of cigars in a shorter period of time, cigarillos offer the perfect compromise. Slimmer and lighter than traditional cigars, cigarillos are designed for a quicker smoking experience. They provide the same flavor and sensation as a typical cigar, but in smaller doses. Furthermore, brands such as Garcia Y Vaga manufacture cigarillos in a variety of exceptional flavors.

Flavored cigars and cigarillos provide an entirely different smoking experience. With flavors such as honey, bourbon and berry, there’s a taste suitable for almost any palate. Each flavor provides a rich, lasting taste with every pull.

For the most affordable cigars, order by the box. Individual cigars and cigarillos are more expensive. When bought in bulk, you will pay significantly less than you would at retail value. Consider investing in a humidor to preserve the freshness of your cigars. Improper storage can cause your cigars to dry out prematurely, leading to a harsher smoking experience.

When shopping for cigars, discover a brand, such as Garcia Y Vaga, that suits your tastes. Whether you prefer cigars or cigarillos, flavored or unflavored, there is a product that’s right for you. Consider Garcia Y Vaga when looking for the perfect mild to medium blend cigar for your smoking experience.

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