Some Steps In Metal Fabrication in Pensacola Florida

Metal comes from the ground, often deep under the surface. Ore that is rich in metallic elements, like iron, has to be mined, and then the metal has to be extracted from the ore. Depending on the metal, a high heat method (pyrometallurgy) or a liquid method (hydrometallurgy) is used to extract the metal. In the case that the metal ore contains a non-metal, it must be smelted, or heated with a reducing agent, to get the metal out. Iron ore is a common example, and the smelting process adds carbon. Steel is an alloy of iron and 2% carbon, and it is the most common metal used in metal fabrication.

When steel is used in Metal Fabrication in Pensacola Florida, it goes through the following steps:

  • First, the steel is formed in long slabs that are then rolled and pressed into thin metal sheets or plates.

  • The sheet metal then goes to a metal fabrication shop to be cut.

  • The sheet metal is cut using one of several cutting tools, including a band saw, a plasma torch, a laser cutter, a water jet cutter, or a plasma cutting table. The metal must be cut to the specifications of a design.

  • The metal is pressed into a three-dimensional shape using high-powered punches or dyes.

  • The shape of the metal object is further refined with a lathe, a mill, or a drill press. These tools are used to remove excess metal, make cuts into the metal, or bore holes.

  • Once parts have been formed and finished, they are assembled through welding. Welding uses an electric arc to apply very high heat to metal, melting the edges that need to join so that they can fuse together.

  • A final process may be an overlay, also known as a cladding or hard facing. The purpose of the overlay is to provide a hard outer layer that will strengthen the material and make it resistant to corrosion.

  • The final product will be carefully inspected for flaws before it goes out to the customer.

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