Starting a Mom’s Day Care Franchise – a story.

The story introduction
You had your child, loved them, cared for them, but had many sleepless nights.  However, looking back you loved it!

The background
Then you had child number two.  You loved them, cared for them, had even more sleepless nights than before, and gained weight too.  However looking back, you would not exchange that time for anything the world.

Then they grew a little older and a little more independent; you had done your job well.  One started school, and it was refreshing to breathe a little easier and relax a bit more.  You could even meet a friend for a coffee without it descending into total chaos.

Then, your next child started school.  Wow!  Total freedom!  You could get some part of your life back.  You could meet friends, whether they were the ones who have kids at school or the ones you actually enjoy being around and miss.  You could even clean up without a kid hanging off of the vacuum cleaner.  Then again, now the kids are at school, the house doesn’t need as much cleaning.

The Plot
Admit it; you are bored aren’t you?
Why not just have another kid?  While it is quiet at home, almost too quiet, would you really want to start again?

What happens next?
This may seem like a familiar story and is likely to be one that a large majority of mothers would admit to being true of their own life.  However when we reach that moment when our kids are established and away from us in the day, it is what happens next where stories start to differ greatly.

Franchises are a great way of giving a mom flexibility to be a mom and to work, restoring lost self confidence, increasing that feeling of contribution, and increasing a family’s finances.  The ideal way of staying a mom in every way, but being a working woman, is to be involved in a franchise that relates to just that:  being a mom.

The ultimate example of this would be to own a Day Care Franchise.  It may initially send shivers down your spine, imagining being in a room full of kids when you have just managed to escape yours full time, but as the owner, your involvement would predominately be on the business side with a readiness and willingness to be hands-on.

Play to your strengths; if you are a good mom, why not use that skill as a stepping stone for business?

A Day Care Franchise is one of the best business opportunities for stay-at-home moms who want to get back to work without sacrificing precious time with their children.

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