Style Options For Electric Blinds

If you’ve considered installing electric blinds in your home because of their added convenience and functionality, you may wonder if you will have to sacrifice style. Thankfully, these blinds combine the beauty of regular blinds with the ability to open, close, or tilt them with the push of a button. Available in a number of colors, sizes, and materials, they can be fit to match any décor adding value and style.

The first option to consider is the size of the slats. This can often just be a decision based on your unique tastes and preferences. If you are still unsure, it can be important to note that the larger the window, the more attractive it is to have wider slates. A small window can handle 1 inch slats, but they would look undersized on a large window. It is preferable to have at least 2 inch blind slats on all larger windows.

A second option is the material that the blinds are made out of. Three common choices are aluminum, wood, and faux wood. Aluminum is the lowest cost option while being easy to maintain. They can be bent more easily than the other choices so many homeowners choose to go with something a little more substantial. On the other hand, wood is the most expensive of the three options. They are beautiful, though, and can be painted or stained to fit perfectly with your décor. They are best used in areas that do not have high humidity. Finally, faux wood blinds combine the look of wood blinds with the durability of other products. They are made out of a combination of wood and vinyl and are beautiful while being durable. They are generally a moderately priced option.

Finally, there are several choices for colors of electric blinds. This, too, is often simply a decision to be based on your particular design tastes. Some people enjoy the clean look of white or off white blinds while others want their blinds to match perfectly in a unique color scheme. There are electric blind dealers that will even custom match blinds to fit your décor using only a color chip to match. If this is your preference, finding a custom match dealer is a great idea.

It is important to note that some dealers will work with your existing blinds and fit a motor into what you have already purchased. This is a great idea is you would like to add the convenience of motorizing your blinds but want a particular brand of blind or have already spent the money on regular blinds. This adds just another option to your choices. Clearly, electric blinds can be a beautiful and functional choice for just about any homeowner.

DEL Motorized Solutions offers electric blinds in a wide variety of colors & finishes with slats sizes ranging from 1”, 2”, 2.5”, & 3”. get in touch with them.


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