Take A Chicago River Cruise to Enjoy Breathtaking Views of the Skyline

Take A Chicago River Cruise to Enjoy Breathtaking Views of the Skyline

Whether you’re a local to The Windy City or planning a vacation and want to see all the best sights Chicago has to offer, you won’t find a better way to tour the city than on a cruise down the Chicago River. You will see most of the stunning architecture of the skyline, but you can learn all about the rich history of the city from certified guides from the Chicago Architecture Center.

Start the Week Right

Yoga is perfect for destressing, recentering, and giving your body the deep stretch it desperately needs after a long week of work. Sign up for a Sunday morning yoga class aboard one of these beautiful cruise ships and follow along as the licensed yoga instructor leads you through a relaxing experience on the water as the sun rises over the Chicago skyline. You’ll have time after the class to mingle with others and take in the city’s sights before you begin another week of work.

The Most Romantic Setting in the City

Whether you’re trying to impress a new love interest or plan a romantic evening with your longtime significant other, a trip on the best Chicago River cruise ship at sunset is one of the most romantic settings around. Enjoy a cocktail inside or head outside on the deck to watch as the Chicago skyline comes to life with lights and nightlife after the sun goes down.

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