Talk To A Foundation Contractor in Fairfax VA Before You Buy Your Home

Talk To A Foundation Contractor in Fairfax VA Before You Buy Your Home

Believe it or not, there are still people who buy homes without having experts look them over. Not having a foundation contractor in Fairfax VA check out a home is perhaps the biggest mistake a buyer can make. Buying a home with a serious foundation can end up costing the new owner a lot of cash.

Why Don’t People Use Contractors?

If a foundation problem can be expensive to fix, it only makes sense that a buyer would want an inspection. So why is it that some buyers choose to skip getting inspections? A home that doesn’t appear to have any foundation issues might be deemed to be fine by the buyer. Another reason is that the buyer trusts the seller. Finally, a buyer just might be trying to save money or might not even have the funds to hire someone.

Signs Of Trouble

There are some signs of trouble that should be obvious red flags to buyers. When a buyer looks at a home, they should pay close attention to the inside of the basement. Are there any visible cracks in the walls of the foundation? Are there any signs of moisture in the corners? Is there fresh paint that appears to be covering up problems? Contact us to get a home inspected.

The Outside

Even if the inside of the home looks fine, there might be signs on the outside that indicate that a foundation contractor in Fairfax VA needs to do some work on the property. The buyer should inspect the outside of the home in much the same way they examined the inside. Cracks and holes need to be identified. A crumbling foundation is an obvious sign that work needs to be done. Paint might also be used on the outside of the home to cover up any problems.

A buyer should never take the seller’s word about the home’s foundation. They need to examine the foundation themselves to see if there are any glaring signs of trouble. If there aren’t any obvious signs, they should still bring on a contractor to come check out the foundation. A buyer can get some peace of mind after an inspection is completed.