The Benefits of Home Health Care

The Benefits of Home Health Care

Home health care is a great, safe choice for both patients and family caregivers. It can help relieve family caregivers from burnout while allowing patients to stay in the comfort of their homes and communities. Whether you are a patient or a family caregiver, there are a number of benefits of home health care:

Home health care professionals are there when family caregivers can’t be. If you are a family member caring for a loved one from a distance, home health care professionals can care for your loved one when you can’t physically be with them, helping give you a piece of mind.

Home health care supports activities of daily living. Also known as ADLs, activities of daily living include anything from grooming to bathing to taking medication regularly. Professionals can help patients maintain their personal self-care and a good quality of life.

Access to skilled nursing care at home. Professionals like nurses can deliver medical care to patients at home, using high-tech medical equipment. Home health care means that medical needs are met in the comfort of the patients’ own homes.

• Support with diet and nutrition. Patients who require in-home care, including adults age 65 and older and those with chronic conditions, are more likely to be at risk when it comes to nutrition, since aging, illness and injury can cause the loss of lean body mass. Home health care professionals often help provide patients with nutritional counseling and home cooked meals to ensure that they are getting all of the nutrition they need to thrive.

Medication management. Patients can have a difficult time managing their medications, especially if they are taking multiple prescription medications at once. Home health care professionals can make sure that patients are taking the medications they need to take on a daily basis at the right times to prevent drug interactions and control health conditions.

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