The Difference Between Home Care and Home Health Care Services in Washington, DC

Are you seeking expert home health care services in Washington, DC and feel pretty confused? Many people get home care and home health care confused, and they are two very different areas of care. While both occur in the home, and both exist to allow the person to remain at home, they are quite different in many other respects. Firstly, home health care is clinical medical care provided to you by a registered or licensed professional. It is often care provided in conjunction with a doctor’s plan of care and can be part of rehab or post-operative care.

Understanding Home Health Care Services in Washington, DC

It helps to know a few simple, but specific, details about home health care services to better understand how they are so different from more basic home care. The list of options you should find when exploring providers of home health care services in Washington, DC should basically include:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Nursing assessment and medically oriented tests
  • Wound care
  • Medication management, including the providing of injections
  • Ostomy and bowel regimens
  • Catheter care

As you can see, it is likely that you will need help if you or a loved one has undergone a hospitalization or has just left a brief stay in a nursing or rehab site. This sort of qualified care would help make the transition back to an independent life at home far easier, healthier and safer. Yet, it is also ideal for those who have had issues with medications and face a new medication regiment or simply because you feel that you or a loved one may not be functioning as they did in the past.

Home care, on the other hand is when you need support with non-medical daily living activities as simple as meal prep, grooming and transportation. Of course, some people may need both home care and home health care services in Washington, DC. Either way, you will find full support from the team at Capital City Nurses. They offer 40 years of experience and service, they deliver comprehensive support to families and individuals in need of home or home health care, hospice support, and Alzheimer’s and dementia care, among other services. They have the expertise and professionalism you deserve whenever you need it. Contact them online or by phone at 866-807-7307.

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