The Importance of Compassionate and Responsive Legal Services for Accident Victims

Compassionate and responsive legal services as provided by a personal injury attorney are very appreciated by the clients. People who have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s behavior or negligence may need a skilled, experienced lawyer to help them obtain the compensation they deserve. However, considering the ordeal that this entire situation is putting the person through, having a lawyer who is understanding and sympathetic can make the process easier emotionally. The injured person can think of this attorney as part of his or her support team, along with friends, family members, and health care practitioners. The attorney handles details that can be stressful for the person to think about. Without legal representation, many people simply give up and accept a low settlement offer, so they don’t have to deal with the situation anymore.

This type of attorney also may be better able to focus on the individual’s mental and emotional trauma as well as more obvious physical injuries. Some injured persons deserve compensation for aspects such as post-traumatic stress and reduced quality of life due to anxiety, new phobias, and depression. Although these are not physical ailments, they can constitute significant hardships. Compensation may cover counseling sessions with a psychologist or social worker, and some compensation may be directed toward the intangible aspect of reduced quality of life. Gradually, the individual can recover from the psychological trauma of the accident and move forward without fear.

An attorney providing Compassionate and responsive legal services for injury clients knows that these individuals typically need money as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the lawyer will cut corners in negotiating a reasonable settlement. The attorney will put forth substantial effort to avoid bringing the case to trial, which can delay results for many months or even years. Fortunately, the vast majority of injury cases never go before a judge or jury. Insurance companies prefer to settle out of court, although they may disagree on the amount they should pay. A firm such as the Law Offices of Burton J. Hass is ready to provide representation for people who have been unable to accomplish the desired results on their own.

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