The Importance of Driver’s Health for the Safety of America’s Roadways

It is not surprising to note the number of road accidents that truck drivers have been involved in. Considering the weight and bulk of trucks, a collision does not allow a small car much chances of survival. The damages from a truck accident can be considered overwhelming; hence, states make it a point to require truck drivers a different set of requirements from ordinary car drivers. Before the Department of Transportation issues the CDL, they make it a point to assure the safety and competency of the driver for the protection of the general public. Truck accidents are often more serious and complicated than ordinary car accidents due to their size and heavy load.

The reason behind the stringent requirements for Commercial Driver’s License is to ensure the safety of the public since a truck accident can be fatal. Among the requirements before the acquisition of CDL is DOT Physical Boston that assures the physical fitness and competence of the driver. It is advised for applicants of CDL to undergo DOT Physical tests in Boston and meet the medical requirements before undergoing any training or schooling in truck driving schools. The medical certificates are valid for at least two years; however, there are medical conditions that require frequent checkups and physical examinations.

Truck drivers need to be physically fit as required by the job. They have to drive for long hours under different weather conditions. As often the case, they can also be susceptible to fatigue and lack of sleep which are the usual reasons for many truck accidents. There are also instances wherein the driver simply falls asleep on the wheel of the truck as he can no longer endure the rigors of driving. Anyone driving trucks on the highway needs to be alert at all cost as a moment’s loss of focus can be fatal.

What the DOT Physical is all about

Aside from CDL a health certificate carries much importance and failure to get one can cause the license to be suspended. The physical tests are quite easy to complete but it is obvious that the doctor will strictly ascertain your physical and mental fitness to be on the road. You need to provide complete information of your medical history whether you have had any surgeries, illnesses, and medical emergencies including any habits like smoking, drug, and alcohol consumption.

Since vision is very important to correctly view traffic signs, and that you should clearly hear to be able to communicate with people, both the vision and hearing are tested. Blood pressure should be less than 140/90 in order to be given the 2 year medical certification in the DOT physical exam. A higher blood pressure and you will only be given a limited health certification, usually from 6 months to 1 year validity. Urinalysis also checks for different abnormalities but if drug and alcohol testing is considered, you will be provided with advance notice. Basically the test you have to undergo is from head to toe to assure that you are a safe and competent driver.

It is important for a truck driver be healthy, safe and medically fit through DOT Physical Boston to assure safety of America’s roadway.  Doctors who are qualified to do physical checkups can be accessed through


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