The Importance of Having Affordable Home Services Securely Fence In a Residential Swimming Pool

Affordable home services include the construction of fencing around outdoor swimming pools, which is an essential safety feature. Some property owners may grumble about the idea of fencing in the pool, wanting it to look like a more natural feature in the yard. However, they need to understand the importance of the fencing for preventing tragic accidents as well as relatively minor inconveniences. They don’t have to choose an ordinary chain link fence; a wood or vinyl privacy fence, or a decorative aluminum fence that looks like wrought iron, may be a preferable options.

Colorado requires a barrier, such as a fence, around residential pools. In fact, a building permit for construction of a swimming pool will not be issued unless the site plan includes a barrier with a secured entry. Some property owners wonder whether this is truly necessary. Perhaps their home is located on several acres, and there are no nearby neighbors or even passersby. Nevertheless, these regulations are intended to prevent even one drowning incident from occurring. No matter how secluded someone thinks the yard is, it may still be possible for an intruder to get into the pool when nobody is home or paying attention. That intruder may not be a criminal but a young child or a couple of college kids who had been drinking alcohol. It’s much better to accept the need for a fence than to risk a horrible incident.

There are additional reasons to contract with one of the Affordable home services to secure fence in the pool. A neighbor’s pet dog could decide to take a swim and be unable to get out if there’s no shallow end, stairs or a ramp exit. The same thing sometimes happens with wildlife that attempts to either swim or just get a drink. The property owner goes out to the pool and discovers the remains of a squirrel, chipmunk, frogs or other critters. The sight can be distressing, especially if children are present, and there also may be issues of cleanliness involved. Having a secure barrier installed by a contractor such as Affordable Services Inc. prevents these inconvenient episodes.

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