The Importance Of Hiring Denver National Moving Companies

The term long distance moving is often a bit vague for people planning a move. Some moving companies consider long distance anything out of a specific geographic range, such as 100 miles outside of Denver, while others consider moves that cross a state line or border as a long-distance move.

When moving out of Denver, focusing on national moving companies to handle your move is essential. These companies have the infrastructure, the licenses and follow the regulations for movers as provided by the FMCSA or Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. This includes the requirement to have a specific DOT (Department of Transportation) number as well as offer the required protection for your items during transport.

National Service

Many people moving for the first time do not realize that national moving companies provide their own crews for loading and unloading trucks at both ends of the move. Other companies that do not have national locations or national network hire day workers at one or both locations, which means inexperienced and untrained movers are handling your household items.

The top national moving companies also fully background check their employees, ensuring only the best professional movers are working on your behalf. The full move is covered by insurance, giving you peace of mind.

Frequent Trucking Routes

National moves only occur when there is enough weight on the truck to make it profitable for the mover. This means at least two to three large households or several smaller households are all on the same truck.

With large companies with a lot of customers, moves can be lined up quickly to limit the time from pickup to delivery. With small companies that do not have regular routes, it can be much longer until your items can be delivered, or the cost may be a lot higher for specialized types of delivery.

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